Welcome to just a little organic and thanks for visiting!

just a little organic is chronicles my daily life as a “cereal grazer” while I share my love for food, healthy living, friends and family. It’s become a place for me to share (mostly) healthy recipes, workout routines, adventures, and whatever’s on my mind.  

I have a lot of thoughts on why I started JALO that you can check out too! 

The blog itself is growing organically, a lot like I am.  Each post is “just a little organic” part of the blog, helping it grow into whatever it’s going to become – and each experience I have is “just a little organic” part of my life, helping me grow into whatever I’m going to become.

A little about me

My name is Lindsay and I’m a 24 year old education advocate living in Spartanburg, SC – my fabulous hometown.  Before heading back home, I spent an indescribable four years at the University of Georgia {where I studied marketing and had a REALLY good time}, a couple of summers in Charleston, SC {without a worry in the world}, and a bunch of summers at Camp Wayfarer {where I learned a lot about the person I want to be}.  

I’m currently working for a nonprofit that’s advocating for the value of education in our county. I’m also living with my rents before getting married to the most awesome person ever {you can call him John}, in April.

Besides food and exercise, my other interests include photography, writing, HBO and Showtime series, entertaining, exploring,  and style {for myself and the home}.  With all of my many interests, spending time with my family and friends stands above everything.  They keep my world going.  I know that I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome love and support – from some pretty cool people.

My fam + the newest "almost" member 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at alittleorganic@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “about

    • Hey Steph!!! Thanks so much – glad you like it!! It was awesome to meet you too…we had a BLAST and Hibiscus was amazing. I hope we can get down there again soon to stay longer…a weekend wasn’t long enough! I’m missing the pancakes already 🙂


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